Author: Caitlin Peterson

Returning Home After Teaching Abroad: Caitlin’s Experience

There are many hard things about returning from living abroad. Think about it…you’ve been experiencing a new culture and language, and your way of life and worldview are now completely different. Coming home is scary, not to mention what you will do job-wise. There are a lot of options and depending on your qualifications, you can do pretty much anything

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The Greatest Gift My TEFL Students Have Given Me

We’ve got a lot on our minds with the holiday season vastly approaching; winter break is closer than it is far (yippee!) and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. So we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to reflect on how grateful we are for the rewarding TEFL life we all live. With that […]

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Photo Blog: Teaching English in Costa Rica

This blog post was written by guest writer and EFL teacher, Caitlin Peterson, graduate of the Bridge IDELT course. My name is Caitlin, and since getting TEFL certified, I have been teaching English at a school in Costa Rica, called Politécnico Internaciónal, since September 2013. There are two locations-one in Heredia and one in San […]

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