Teach English Abroad

Why I Left My Middle School Teaching Job for TEFL

TEFLOnline alum Brendan O’Shea recalls why he left his teaching job in the United States in favor of a TEFL opportunity that would take him across the globe.

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Teacher in Costa Rica

What is it Like to Teach English in Costa Rica?

Have you ever considered teaching English in Costa Rica? With its misty rainforests, dazzling Caribbean and Pacific beaches, and relaxed pura vida lifestyle, it’s no surprise the country continues to be a TEFL hot spot year after year. 

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Teaching Abroad in Italy

TEFLOnline.com Grad, Joseph, is “Living the Dream” in Italy!

Joseph has dreamed of living in Italy since visiting Florence in 2012. Recently, he was able to realize this goal after becoming earning his teacher certification through TEFLOnline.com. Now Joseph works as an English teacher in Parma, Italy. Here, he shares his experience “vivendo il sogno” – living the dream.

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English Teacher in Costa Rica

Yes, You Can Teach English Abroad Without a College Degree!

One of best things about the field of teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) is that it is open to just about anyone. There are opportunities to teach English abroad for teachers young and old, with or without teaching experience, who are native English speakers or not, and you can teach English abroad with or without college degrees. Basically, as long as you have an open mind and are flexible, there is sure to be a teaching location that fits your qualifications!

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Newly TEFL Certified? How to Gain Teaching Experience and Get Jobs Abroad!

Often times, those who enter the TEFL field have no experience in front of a class. Also, those who have gotten certified online likely didn’t complete a teaching practicum at all, so they, need the extra resume boost of teaching experience. Here are some tips on how to get TEFL experience before going abroad!

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Notes From The Field: TEFL Through The Eyes of a “Late Bloomer”

While the stereotypical TEFL teacher may be fresh out of college, there are actually many people that come to TEFL later in life. For example, after retiring from his full-time career, Wes Choc completed his TEFL certification online through Bridge. He then taught English abroad in Ecuador, and even went on to write a book, called […]

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Teaching English to Adults vs. Kids: What, Where, and Why?

When you think of teaching English as a Foreign Language, do you picture yourself in front of a class of children, adults, or a mix of both? Did you know that the age group you prefer to teach can factor into your choice of teaching location? This overview of teaching adults vs. young learners answers […]

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Interview With Richard Blanke, BridgeTEFL Alumnus Teaching in Taiwan

Richard completed an online TEFL certificate with Bridge. He is now using his credentials to teach English in Taiwan. Here, Richard tells us about his experience abroad, and gives advice for others who are interested in following the same path. 

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Vetting TEFL Employers Abroad: Tips to Avoid Scams and Land the Teaching Job You Want

Once you are TEFL certified and start browsing job sites, it’s easy to see there’s no lack of teaching jobs worldwide. While it’s exciting to have so many options, it can also be overwhelming. When applying to jobs abroad, perhaps in a country you’ve never even visited, you may wonder how you can be sure a teaching job is “legitimate.” Will the school that hires you follow through on the terms of their contract, regarding benefits and pay? As an experienced teacher who has worked in Africa, Central America and Europe, I can tell you that scams are much less common than you might fear, but it’s always a good idea to do your homework. To help you vet potential employers abroad before you sign on the dotted line, I offer these five tips.

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Portugal: Teaching English Abroad in a Hidden Gem

Kevin, 23, is a new marketing intern with BridgeTEFL in Denver, Colorado. Before joining Bridge, he got TEFL certified and spent time volunteering as an English Teaching Assistant in Valongo, Portugal. Here, Kevin recounts his experiences with Portuguese culture and explains the many reasons why the country is an excellent TEFL destination!

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