JET program teacher, Alyssa, with her students

Everything You Need to Know About the JET Program in Japan

This popular teacher exchange program requires applicants to have a bachelor’s degree and a strong interest in Japanese culture, among other requirements. The salary is competitive and there are plenty of other benefits for participants, so let’s take a deeper look at JET to see if it’s right for you.

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piggy bank

How Much Does TEFL Certification Cost? Is It Worth It?

To teach English as a foreign language, one of the qualifications employers ask for is certification. You know you need it, but how much does TEFL certification cost? Prices vary depending on some key factors. We’ll explain those and crunch the numbers.

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Bridge Grad, Jordan, Teaching in China

Jordan, from California, is a BridgeTEFL online course graduate teaching English in China. In fact, she is now going on her third year as a teacher there! She shared with us about why she chose to go abroad, how she found her teaching jobs, and where she hopes TEFL will take her next.

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Carol, volunteer English teacher in Cambodia

Interview with Carol, Bridge Alumna Volunteering in Cambodia

Carol Duster is a BridgeTEFL graduate who is currently using her credentials by volunteering in Cambodia. Here, Carol tells us about her experiences in Cambodia and offers advice for those interested in teaching in Southeast Asia.

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Confessions of an Online English Teacher

Colby Charles is currently teaching ESL in China in the classroom by day, and online in the evenings and on weekends.  With a background in finance and a passion for travel, Colby tells us how teaching English abroad, and especially teaching English online, has turned out to be his “best life decision to date and has opened a world of opportunities.”

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Spotlight on South America

  Winter weather makes the holidays cozy, but by January and February, the thrill you felt at that first snow is usually long gone. So if you’re wading through snow this winter, consider flipping the season switch and heading south this winter— to South America, that is! It’s summer right now in most of South […]

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TEFL & Uncle Sam: 5 Independence Day TEFL Classroom Activities

Here in the United States Independence Day is upon us. Summer is in full swing, school is out, and households across the country are hanging their flags in the garden and stocking up for the big 4th of July cookout. Why not transfer some of this patriotic cheer to your TEFL classroom? The 4th of July is […]

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The Perks of Teaching English in Thailand

Known as the “land of smiles”, Thailand is located in Southeast Asia between Cambodia and Vietnam to the East, Laos to the north and Burma to the west. A country rich in culture and diverse landscape, Thailand is a favorite destination for many TEFL teachers.

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Top 6 Destinations for BridgeTEFL Students

Sometimes it can be hard to decide where to take your TEFL course and begin your new career as an English teacher. It’s a big decision, but you can take comfort knowing that thousands of people have faced the same challenge. In fact, knowing the popular places where people have been taking their TEFL courses […]

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Jobs at a Glance, Asia: Finding your Country Match!

There are plenty of great motivations for teaching abroad, and Asia can satisfy all of them: to embrace a new culture, pick up a language, get classroom experience, or even put some cash in the bank. Deciding where you’ll go can involve any one of these factors, or a combination of a few, which might […]

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