How to Convince Your Parents You Should Teach Abroad


Are you thinking of teaching abroad? No matter how old you are, your parents probably have something to say about it, whether you like it or not! You might even be relying on them for a bit of financial funding for your adventure, which means they are going to have questions about it,  and you’ll need to have answers. Relax, we’ve got you covered! Below are four arguments to use in your crusade to convince your parents of the benefits of teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL).

TEFL is a paying job!

It might be harder to convince your parents that they should pay to send you abroad to study or to just backpack around South America and find yourself, but teaching English as a foreign language pays. TEFL is a way to make both you and your parents happy– you’ll get to do the traveling you want, and your parents will know you are financially set in the process. What’s more, teaching in some countries can even pay enough to make a dent in student loans or accumulate some savings. Now you’re verging on downright responsible! Check out our Jobs at a Glance Chart so you can let them know exactly how much you could be making in top TEFL destinations around the world.

TEFL is professional experience that will look great on your resume.

When your parents tell you to think of your future, you ensure them that you are! Unlike merely traveling, teaching English abroad is something future employers will take note of.  TEFL experience on your resume indicates that you took a professional training course, sought out a job in a foreign country, and gained real-life skills in a respected field. That’s impressive!

You’ll learn a foreign language.

Competition for jobs is fierce these days, and parents know that just having a college degree and a winning personality is generally not enough make yourself stand out from the crowd. Proficiency in a foreign language, or even a working knowledge of one, shows employers that you have something extra to offer.

It won’t cost too much.

We’ve all been informed by our parents early on that money does not, in fact, grow on trees. Show your parents you understand this by choosing an affordable TEFL course. Online certificates, for example, are accepted by many employers in countries worldwide, and fit even frugal budgets.

Your homework is done! Now you’re armed and ready to make a case for teaching English abroad, even to the most skeptical parents!