Don’t Become a Travel Zombie: 3 tips for traveling to your TEFL course abroad


So you’ve booked your flight abroad to your TEFL destination, packed your bag, and you’re scrounging around making sure you have every thing you need before you leave on your big adventure. This sounds very familiar and, of course, there are always last minute essentials and runs to the store. Well, in your mad dash to the store, I suggest these travel tips and must-haves for your long flight, comfort and peace of mind! Without some sleep on the flight, you may run the risk of turning into a travel zombie – a moaning, shuffling body stalking the halls of the airport or the airplane aisle in search of Bahraaaaaain (if that happens to be your destination, I suppose…).

Get some sleep!

Flights overseas are not short and many of your friends and family members will encourage you to sleep. But how can you sleep if you are not comfortable? I suggest bringing along a curved neck pillow. Trust me having a neck pillow is a must have when you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep in an airplane seat, those small square puffs they give you on the airplane just won’t cut it!

Don’t worry if you packed your bag and forgot the pillow on your bed! You can easily pick one up at the airport gift shop, and they even sell inflatable ones that can be easily stored when you arrive to your final TEFL destination.

Stay warm!

My next suggestion is for your flight and times of comfort. Bring a small travel blanket. It can get really cold on an airplane and having your own blanket can make you sleep a little easier in a close-quarters situation. Also if you are ever feeling homesick while teaching TEFL, it’s nice to have a comfy blanket to wrap up in!

If you predict you may become a zombie during or after the flight abroad, you might need…

My last suggestion is for your checked luggage. When you go on an international flight, there are hundreds of suitcases on board, usually one or even two per person. So when you get off your flight, and you are groggy, how will you know how to spot your luggage on the carousel? Easy peasy. Tie a brightly colored scarf around your luggage handle! This will save you so much time and effort looking for your unique black bag that isn’t so unique.

All these items are pretty reasonably priced for a budgeted traveler. In my opinion, they will make some long nights and weary travelers much more relaxed and comfortable. It doesn’t ever hurt to put a little bit of your budget into your personal comfort so you can avoid being sleep deprived and bad tempered (like a zombie).

The importance of personal care doesn’t end once your flight lands. Check out these tips on how to stay healthy while abroad.