Frequently-Asked TEFL Questions: Where Should I Teach Abroad?

Teach in South America


Having trouble deciding where to teach abroad? No problem! Take some advice from a former South American expat. Every country in South America offers something unique and special. I’ve honed in on a few of my favorites to make your search as painless as possible.


Get lost in this metropolitan metropolis nestled at the foot of the Andes Mountains. If you’re looking for all the comforts of home in a strange country, Santiago may be the place for you to teach English. Chileans are notoriously welcoming of foreigners, and this city has all the charms of a North American urban city. You can expect to be shocked by this cosmopolitan arena, where you can find street meat vendors alongside 5-star hotels. Slip away to the mountains for the weekend and then come back to a clean and friendly subway system for your commute to work. Interested? Check out our Teach in Chile internship.


This European-influenced country offers a completely unmatched experience for teachers. If Chile is Denver, Buenos Aires may be its New Orleans-esque neighbor. If subway strikes and government protests keep you on your feet, you’ll find comfort in this consistently inconsistent city. Did you know it is typical to eat dinner at 11pm in the capital? Stay out until sunrise and return home with a new laid-back take on life. Argentines are famous for their relaxed attitude, perfect for teachers looking to learn Spanish and desiring a totally un-American atmosphere. Itching to know more?  Learn all about teaching English in Argentina, including typical teaching requirements, salaries, and hiring seasons.


Often over-shadowed by its internally infamous neighbors, Uruguay has managed to retain all the charm of a pre-industrialized South American country. If a small town feel in a big city is more your speed, teaching in Montevideo may be the perfect compromise for you. Go days without running into another foreigner, wander the cobblestone streets and sip coffee on the street corner for the American equivalent of free. Uruguay ushers in a real South American experience, while being a dream for penny (or peso) pinchers. Head to the resort town of Punta del Este and find work on the coast as an English teacher for the summer, then head back to Montevideo for the winter months. You’ll never get bored in this untouched gem. Convinced that Uruguay is the place for you? Learn all about what to expect and how to get started teaching in Uruguay.


Spanish not your thing? Looking for culture on top of culture? Please consider Brazil, an insanely beautiful and diverse country. Learn Portuguese from the locals, sip caipirinhas on the beach and teach to locals anxious to learn your native tongue. But be aware, Christmas and Carnival offer Brazilians a few months to kick back and relax. Teaching positions will slow during these months. If you’re looking to enjoy the holidays as well, this may be ideal for your situation. However if you need constant work to keep the income coming in, Brazil may not be the country for you. Get the lowdown on TEFL in Brazil.

As you can see, every country mentioned here has something to give back. Whether it’s food or friendliness, you really can’t go wrong teaching in any of these fabulous places!