Get the Lowdown on Teaching in China

Country Overview

Thinking of teaching in China? The most populous country in the world is also one of the thirstiest for English, making it an excellent market for TEFL!  A massive country that has culture and history around every corner, China continues to hold an almost mystic allure to EFL teachers who want to experience something totally different. Whether you’re looking for the mind-blowing big city life of Beijing, or a quiet rural location where you can escape it all, teaching in China has something for everyone.

Teaching Requirements

To teach in China, most employers will require:

Job Description

In China, it’s possible to teach in a variety of settings. Most teachers work with young learners, from children to high school students. Positions exist in language institutes and in public and private K-12 schools. You may also teach at the college or university level, especially if you hold an advanced degree. Teaching adult professionals (i.e., business English), is another possibility.

Getting Jobs

There are many ways to get a TEFL job in China. Most teachers prefer to line something up in advance, finding positions via one of the many online EFL job boards, such as Another option is to go through a recruiter. Recruiters do not charge a fee, and can walk you through the process, helping to match your preferences for age group and teaching location to the right school.

The Perks

While China’s teaching salaries are not as high as some other Asian countries, cost of living can be quite low outside the major cities, and housing is almost always provided. Your employer may even reimburse your airfare.

Perks and pay aside, what teaching in China really has to offer is the experience of a lifetime. To get started, learn more here.