How to Get a TEFL Job – Part Three: Asia – Find Schools, Apply, and Interview

How to Get a TEFL Job in Asia  – Part 3 – Find schools and apply! So you’ve chosen Asia as your TEFL destination and you’ve gotten the TEFL certification you need to qualify for jobs there. You’re almost done! The next step is to locate English schools and apply.

Teaching English in Asia

With Asia, you have some advantages that you wouldn’t have if you had chosen Latin America.• Employers in many Asian countries regularly post their job openings online. This makes it easy to find them and apply for those jobs. They’ll typically do your interview over Skype so you can often find work from the comfort of your own home.• Schools in some countries regularly use recruiting agencies to find teachers for them. This is free to you, the teacher; you just sign up with a recruiter and they do the work to find you a job!• Many employers don’t just pay a salary. They may provide free housing for teachers and/or reimburse your airfare.

Find Jobs Online

Here are some suggestions for websites to use to find schools or jobs in Asia.• Dave’s ESL Café – probably the most popular TEFL website in the world. Great resource for jobs, but the teacher forums are also a great way to research schools/recruiters to make sure they’re legitimate.• – Popular site with lots of TEFL job postings• – Has job listings but also a comprehensive list of schools in countries around the world that you can research and contact to inquire about openings• – Popular site for teaching in Thailand• Dreamworks Recruiting – Top South Korean recruiter• Korean Horizons – Another great recruiter for Korea

Ace the Interview

The best way to ensure you nail the interview is to have a good idea of what your interviewer is looking for. Most schools in Asia want teachers who are professional in their dress and speech, express self-confidence, and come across as friendly and likeable. How do you do these things?• Speak clearly. This is incredibly important. If you give your interviewer the sense that you don’t speak English particularly well, they will be unlikely to offer you a job.• Be professional. Since your interview will probably be over the phone, you can’t dress professionally to impress your potential employers, so you’ll need to convince them with your language and attitude. Don’t use slang or get too intimate. Stay serious and business-like.• Be prepared. Lots of websites have sample TEFL interviews and/or lists of common interview questions. Familiarize yourself with these and prepare answers to those you feel most likely to be asked, or those you feel unsure about. Research the school so you know what to expect.• Ask your own questions. It is unlikely that the ad you applied to will provide all of the pertinent details about the job. Ask all that you need to feel like the school is legitimate and knows what it’s hiring you for so you can feel confident they’ll hold up their end of the contract if you accept the position.That’s all! Now get out there and get TEFLing!