How to Get a TEFL Job – Part Two: Latin America – TEFL Certification

So you’ve decided you want to get a job teaching English in Latin America. Was it the laid-back culture that attracted you? Maybe the stunning environment of rainforests, rivers, mountains, and oceans, and all the many exciting activities they provide? Perhaps their famed wines and cocktails, like the Pisco Sour? Whatever won you over, you’re sure to enjoy teaching in Latin America. Let’s just make sure you’ve got the qualifications to get a job there!


One common attraction to South America for many people is the region’s relaxed attitude. This attitude also relates to college degrees. Though many of the more prestigious schools will only hire teachers with bachelor’s degrees, (in any subject), you can still find work throughout the region without one, whether in Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico, etc… Of course, having a degree will make you a more competitive applicant and make it even easier for you to find a TEFL job.

TEFL Certification

Many employers in Latin America will accept teachers who took their TEFL certification courses online. Many of these, though not all, will require that these certificates are for at least 100 hours, so be sure to take a comprehensive course. Though keep in mind that if you want to qualify to teach for any school, you should take an on-site TEFL course. If you can do this in the country you want to teach in, finding work afterwards is significantly easier than trying to do it from outside the country. This is particularly true if you follow the steps outlined in the next post in this series, which will cover how to find English schools and apply for jobs.