Interview with TEFL Trainer in Argentina, Kandice Klumb

Born in Texas, but raised in Missouri, Kandice grew up exploring and moving to new places.  With her passion for travel and international education, she has been an invaluable addition to the BridgeTEFL team. She recently talked with us about the IDELT course and shared some advice for gringos looking to teach abroad in Buenos Aires, “the Paris of South America”!

What is your background in TEFL?

I got CELTA certified (Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching) in Vietnam and taught there for nearly 2 years.  I’ve taught TOEFL test prep courses, Business English, Young Learners and just about everything else under the TEFL umbrella.  My desire to explore led me to Buenos Aires, where I have been an IDELT Trainer for Bridge for a year.

What are requirements for students to take the IDELT course?

The great thing about the IDELT is the spectrum of students we see taking the course; it’s not limited to students with a college degree or under a certain age.  I train recent college graduates, career changers, retirees and people who just want to travel!

Another great thing about the IDELT is that as long as your willing to put the work in, the course doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s no secret that the course is rigorous, but if students are invested in it, there is no reason why they won’t succeed. While time management is critical, the course is designed to be interactive and fun!

How do you help students find employment?

The course offers a few great job placement resources. To start, there is a special segment of the class focused on professional development.  In this segment, students participate in mock interviews and conduct a CV (resume) review specific to Argentina.  We also give students a list of schools in the area that are familiar with Bridge, that hire IDELT graduates.  We can offer a letter of recommendation, as well!

It doesn’t hurt that we also operate English courses, in addition to TEFL courses, here at BridgeArgentina, so we often have openings for teachers!

When is the best time for students take the course?

In Argentina, the summer months are December through February.  Towards the end of summer, EFL teachers become in high demand and it will be easy to fill your schedule.  Honestly, it’s possible to find jobs no matter the season, depending on how flexible you are.  If you are willing to commute a little, you can expect to have a full schedule all year!