Jobs at a Glance, Asia: Finding your Country Match!

There are plenty of great motivations for teaching abroad, and Asia can satisfy all of them: to embrace a new culture, pick up a language, get classroom experience, or even put some cash in the bank. Deciding where you’ll go can involve any one of these factors, or a combination of a few, which might make choosing hard.  Don’t worry– we can help!

To zero in on the Asian country that fits your personality best, take a look at the statements below and choose the one sounds the most like you. We’ll steer you toward the destination of your dreams!

Money is not so important—give me beauty and culture, preferably off the beaten-path.

Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand

The road most travelled has never been your thing. You prefer things a little… different. Sure, you may not get rich teaching in these countries, but that’s okay with you. You’ll make enough teaching English in these vine-draped, steamy Southeast Asian locations to get by, living the way you prefer: like a local. And whether you’re spending weekends off playing on the beaches of Phuket, taking in the buzz of motorbikes in bustling Phnom Penh, or island hopping in the Indonesian archipelago, your experiences here will be priceless.

I have no experience, but I still want a high paid teaching job abroad with great benefits!

South Korea, Taiwan

You’ve never taught before, but you’re up for the challenge, and ready to dive into a new experience abroad. Fresh out of college?  No problem. In South Korea and Taiwan you’ll get your feet wet as a teacher while putting a dent in your student loan debt, too. And the best part is, employers here make it easy dive right in, often providing in-depth training, accommodations and even airfare reimbursement as part of the teaching contract.

No roughing it for me, please—I’m interested in a fast-paced, cutting edge cultural experience.


You crave convenience and modern urbanism in your teach abroad experience, and so Japan is the place for you. Classrooms here are slick and well equipped, brimming with the types of technology that can take your teaching to the next level. Need round-the-clock nightlife, restaurants, and shopping, too? Tokyo does not disappoint, ranking, to no one’s surprise, among the worlds most stimulating international cities.


I need a combination of everything: decent money, rich culture, and a mix of rough and polished.


You are a person who wants it all. You’d like to earn a good income as a teacher and have a well-stocked classroom, but you also prefer things a little rough around the edges. You like the shabby-chic chaos of the Old Quarter in Hanoi, but will balance it out with an afternoon of tea and tai chi by the lake. Vietnam, with its charming mix of East and West, awaits.

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