Prepare for your Future: Teach English in South America!

TEFL certified teacher in South America. 

This post was originally written and published by Bridge Program Advisor, Scott Beckman. 

Teaching English in South America is really a no-brainer. Surround myself with a beautiful country with a long and interesting history that’s full of friendly people who almost all want to learn English? Yes please! But the benefits of teaching English in South America extend beyond the magical experience itself, even if you don’t go on to be a career teacher. The skills you’ll learn, the perspectives you’ll gain, and the self-confidence you’ll discover will help you out of the classroom and into the boardroom. Keep in mind that seasons are reversed in most South American countries — so our winter is their warm summer.


Does anything look better on an application to a master’s program than demonstrating the self-reliance and determination it takes to move to an entirely different country, adapt to a new culture, live on your own, take on a role of authority in the classroom, and give something back?


Think about it. The people you’re going to meet abroad are interested in at least a few of the things you are: language and travel. The relationships you form during your mutual adventures in South America aren’t likely to fade away, and as we all know, careers are more often made because of who you know than what you know.


¿Habla español? ¿Sí? iQue bueno! In our increasingly globalized world, knowing another language is an important asset that countless employers are looking for. Y si puede leer eso, lo sabe!


Running a classroom isn’t easy. Becoming an English teacher will challenge you in ways you can’t even imagine and the result will be an unprecedented sense of self-confidence that employers will surely note. All of these benefits and more will be yours when you teach English in South America.

Need more proof? Vice President of Institutional Relations at Bridge, Lisa Rooney, started her career as a teacher at our English center in Santiago, Chile.

For more on South America, read about another TEFL teacher’s experiences living and working in Argentina. If you’re thinking South America may be the right TEFL destination for you, here’s information on a few of the countries to choose from.