Save Money While Teaching Abroad – 4 Great Sites for Travelers


For many of us, teaching English is what allows us to live our dream of traveling the world. It funds our trips, gives us a chance to meet local people and others doing the same thing we are, and provides a rewarding experience to boot. Hopefully, when you’re teaching abroad, you get the chance to do even more traveling, skipping town to visit other countries and cities nearby. When you do, you don’t have to spend all that money you’ve been saving up from your TEFL gig because there are online communities just waiting to help you save your money and have the time of your life! – This site allows people all around the world to post rooms and apartments for rent to travelers. You simply enter the dates and the city where you’ll be, and you’ll likely find a number of options for host families or apartment options, with reviews from past travelers. Many times, this is less expensive than staying in a hotel, and you get the chance to interact with a local who is often more than happy to help you around the city! – If you’re looking to travel for free, Couchsurfing is for you. Similar to AirBNB, you can search for people around the world who are willing to let you crash with them but in this case, it’s at absolutely no cost to you at all! Couchsurfing hosts aren’t allowed to charge for the space so you’re guaranteed to save money this way, leaving more in your pocket for museum entrance fees, bus and subway fares, and delicious foreign meals! – If you’re the type who really wants to get the most out of your trips abroad, Canaryhop is a great place to find locals who are experts on their city and excited about sharing their expertise. You’ll find walking tours of bars, museums, historical sites – pretty much whatever interests you. This can be an inexpensive way to really learn about the city from those who know it best. – Let’s say you own your own place and you’re looking to go abroad for a 6 month TEFL contract, then come back home. makes it easy to find people willing to do home swaps, so you would live in their home and they would live in yours. This gives you the peace-of-mind knowing that your home is being cared for while you’re gone while providing you with the chance to truly live like a native while abroad!

Sites like these have been saving travelers money for years. What sites do you use to aid you in traveling and saving money abroad? Let us know in the comments!

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