Teach Abroad: Make Positive Change Happen


January is a month to think about new beginnings. How can you make this year different than the last, and all the years before? Is it realistic to think that you could be living and working in another country within six months? Can you really begin working toward that kind of radical positive change? Absolutely!

What is the fastest and most convenient way to make these changes reality? One good option is a four-week onsite teacher-training course. Cambridge’s CELTA program, the most well-recognized course around the world, is available at many locations, including Bridge’s Denver location. Another option is to fly to the city in which you want to work and take an onsite training course at that location. Bridge offers training in its IDELT training program in Santiago, Chile, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Many cities around the world have onsite teacher training; just be careful to check out the program’s accreditation and track record before buying your ticket.

If you need a few months to wrap up your current obligations or put together a nest egg, there are online options that can work with your current schedule. IDELT Online is a 12-week methodology course in English language teaching that provides TEFL certification and graduate level university credits for qualified trainees. TEFL Online is a self-paced introductory course that may give just the right amount of information for you to decide if this field is right for you. Another option is to consider internships, such as English Opens Doors, that offer unforgettable experiences working abroad while living with host families.

Living abroad teaching English is not for everyone. It requires a sense of adventure, a strong work ethic, and openness to new people and ideas. But if this sounds like the kind of positive change you’ve been hoping for, you can put the wheels in motion and make it happen!

Once you make it abroad, you’ll be able to continue making positive change – you will help your students grow in the classroom, and you may even have the chance to impact the local community. Read about how you can incorporate volunteering into your TEFL experience