TEFLOnline.com Launches Newest Version!

We have just debuted the newest version of TEFLOnline.com, our most popular online teacher certification course. We’ve not only updated the course curriculum, but we’ve also made improvements to the course structure and design by moving to an innovative platform that’s user-friendly, fun and interactive.

Here’s what’s new about TEFLOnline.com!

Responsive design: complete your course on any device

Don’t limit yourself to a desktop or laptop! Complete your TEFL course from anywhere you like, using your computer, tablet or phone.

Personal tutor for every course

Whether you start with our 40-hour Basic Course or go for the full 120-hour Master Diploma, your course will include a personal TEFL tutor who provides feedback on the work you submit.

Tutor feed for day-to-day communication with your tutor

Stay connected with your tutor as you work through the course by posting your questions about course content to the tutor feed. It’s an easy way to get in touch with your tutor when you need to!

Interactive course features keep content fun

Getting TEFL certified doesn’t have to be boring! TEFLOnline.com keeps it interesting by engaging you, the learner, in the content you’re learning. Flip through practice quizzes to check your comprehension or watch videos of teachers demonstrating the concepts you’re learning about in the modules.

New course components available when you’re ready to upgrade

In addition to TEFLOnline.com course upgrades from 40 to 120 hours, you can also add more advanced components when you’re ready, such as 40-hour Specialized Certificates. Take your training even further with these in-depth, online courses in high demand areas such as Teaching English Online or Designing Custom Courses.

Browse TEFLOnline.com courses or contact an advisor here find out which course is right for your teaching plans!