Why I Chose an Online TEFL Course: Interview with Fernanda Uro Aboites

Online TEFL course


With all of the TEFL certification options out there, it can sometimes be a bit daunting deciding which one is right for you. One way to narrow it down is to decide between an online course and an onsite (in classroom) course. Fernanda Uro Aboites, a 25-year-old English teacher from Mexico, recently completed the TEFLOnline.com 120-hour diploma and explained to me why an online course was the right choice for her.

What elements of an online course were appealing to you and why?

One of the main elements that appealed to me was the fact that I could take it online, where I could control my own timing. Given that I currently work from 9 am ‘till 7 pm, it was very difficult for me to go and take the course in a specific location (whether it was during the week or on weekends). So the fact that I could do it from a distance was one of this course’s greatest assets.

I also like the fact that I can download every single document, video and virtual material that this course has available, so that I can review and use those materials any time I want.

Did the course help you to feel better prepared for teaching EFL?

This course definitely helped me feel better prepared for teaching EFL. Not only because of all the new information that I acquired, but also because I corrected all the mistakes that I had and I learned how to improve some of the techniques I was already using.

All the materials, bibliography, videos and tips were invaluable. Those will be the biggest assets this online course has for me, since I now have countless new ideas and resources from where to research any time I need something or feel like sharing something I learned or improved.

How easy was it to find a job after completing the course?

After completing the course it was quite easy for me to find a job. I had a job interview one week after I applied for several positions in China and they hired me on the spot. The fact that I had a TEFL certification gave them a lot of confidence and security that they were hiring someone with a good academic teaching background.

Fernanda found the online course convenient and it suited her needs; it’s absolutely all you need to qualify for thousands of jobs abroad. Explore online TEFL course options.